AAT Downloads

aat downloads

AAT Downloads

On this page, you will find Critter Assisted Therapy and associated AAT downloads. More will be added over time, both for legal and clinical reasons, but also to help clients, and users of the site to improve their own mental health and emotional well being through self help – we hope that you find it useful.

Our AAT Downloads can be downloaded and used by visitors to this website – whether you are a student studying AAT, a fellow practitioner looking for useful information, a therapist helping a client, or a sufferer of a disorder or health issue, these AAT downloads will help you.

Please bear with us as we build a portfolio of useful documents, articles and tools, that will eventually become our AAT downloads library. This page is being constantly updated, please keep returning to check for more

CRITTER ASSISTED THERAPY NON DISCLOSURE STATEMENT – please down load, print and sign, if you are an individual looking for one to one Animal Assisted Therapy sessions. Please bring it with you to your first session

For further help, please see the following sites :

Mind Staffordshire


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