Therapy Critters

Here are the animals used in therapy sessions (we call them co-counsellors), at Critter Assisted Therapy. All of our critter co-counsellors are available to help our clients in their sessions – you choose which animal you think will help you the most.

Our critter co-counsellors, help in your therapy sessions by relaxing the atmosphere. They also provide a “social lubricant, helping in the flow of conversation and changing the nature of the session. Therapy sessions with animals are very successful at helping those with mental illness, children on the autistic spectrum and victims of crime.

We are constantly updating the animals used in therapy sessions. We are currently working with a lizard, a ferret and some micro squirrels, which will all, hopefully, become members of our critter co-counsellor team, in the near future!! All of our critters, our clients agree, are totally THERA-CUTE-IC !!

If you like a critter, or have spent sessions with a critter that you have found works for you, then you can share their profile with your friends via social media networks Twitter & Facebook