Breed : Boa Constrictor

Info : Connie is a VERY friendly therapy snake. When she is revealed, she often gets “Oooohs” from those in the room, because of her size. However, this is soon replaced by “Aaaaaahs” as people discover her naturally gentle temperament. She adds a third dimension to animal assisted therapy – giving a massage, and loving to be petted, she also give a sense of accomplishment, confidence and self esteem as well as an adrenalin rush. Very similar to a roller coaster ride

Benefits : Therapy snakes give a 3 dimensional therapy experience : From the initial anticipation, and understandable caution (like waiting in line for a rollercoaster), therapy clients find the movement of a snake both relaxing and exciting (like the ride !!) When stroking the snake, they find her relaxing. Watching a snake is really quite fascinating, and invites conversation between participants. Therapy with a snake is amazing for enhancing and increasing confidence and self esteem !

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