Breed : Rabbit

Info : Jynx was rescued by us, after she was handed to us in a cardboard box. Found wandering around the local shop car park, this therapy rabbit was spotted and captured by a little boy, who brought her to us with his mom. We tried advertising and posting many messages, in order to find her real mom and dad, but nobody came forward to claim her. She has a wonderful nature, and loves cuddles, and we thought she could make a lot of people happy by joining our critter co-counsellors and becoming one of our therapy animals.

Benefits : This beautiful therapy rabbit will happily sit and be petted or groomed – again great for cognitive development, but also a wonderful animal to bring feelings of tenderness, relaxation and happiness, not to mention the surprising memories that are awakened in some. Given her abandonment, she will hopefully help many to see, that no matter what bad things happen in life there is always something or someone special for you around the corner

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