Breed : Salmon Pink Bird-Eating Tarantula (Brazil)

Info : Pinky is a large tarantula (or will be when fully grown), and although she cannot be held by clients, she can be observed or placed on clothing – another form of insect therapy, which is great for autistic spectrum clients and those with phobias. Overcoming a phobia can increase self esteem substantially and demonstrate that other things, that may have been out of reach, are also obtainable.

Benefits : Tarantulas are great insect therapy, especially for those within the autistic spectrum. They are very complex, technical and heavily detailed critters, that can be linked in with other activities in terms of research and art. Through phobia release, they can have benefits to self esteem and confidence

Pinky is not yet ready for sessions. We are getting her used to handling and waiting for her to grow a little, as she is still only a juvenile

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