Rum & Raisin

Breed : Ferrets

Info :  Ferrets are lovely fun and vivacious little characters, who like nothing more than to play. They are brothers, born in June 2021. They were rescued when their new owner decided that the ferrets and their dog would not get on – they are very mischievous and boisterous. They are not yet ready for therapy (29/10/21) but they are working on it.

They will become fine therapy animals one day, and are now starting their apprenticeship as co-counsellors. Training a therapy animal can take a good while, and they may not be ready for a good 6 months or so.

Benefits : A ferret makes a great therapy animal, as they are very intelligent animals. They are playful and vibrant, never failing to raise a smile and a laugh, and can be trained to walk on a leash. At times they enjoy cuddles, and will do almost anything for a treat.

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