Listed here are books by the owner of Critterish Allsorts – Dale Preece-Kelly – that you may be interested in reading.

“Unleashing the Healing Power of Animals”

This is a book that details the rescue stories of 9 of our animals, along with the author’s own story. It also includes some case studies, which may interest readers.

It is a great book for anybody who loves animals and for those wanting to get into the profession of Animal Assisted Therapy.

It can be found on Amazon, or you can use the Contact Us form to order a dedicated and signed copy direct (Price £9.99 with FREE P&P)

COMING SOON – “The Existential Chicken”

Dale’s latest book, is based on the question of “Which came first? The chicken or the egg?”

In the book he delves into and analyses every possible solution, in a quest to find a definitive answer. Does he find one? Well he dives deep into the ocean, going back to the beginnings of life on Earth and comes right up to now, with a look at some of science’s most recent discoveries.

Keep coming back for updates on publication and release, or check out his “Author Page” on Facebook.

COMING SOON – “Tales of Critterish Cottage”

Dale is currently in the process of writing and publishing a series of Children’s Books (aimed at 3-5 year olds), based around the therapy animals of Critter Assisted Therapy and their antics in helping others. Each book carries a valuable message for readers.

They will be beautifully illustrated by an experienced illustrator and good friend of Dale’s, Corrina Holyoake, who has illustrated lots of Children’s Books and published through Corrina’s publishing arm – Holyoake Publications.

Keep coming back for updates on publication or follow the “Tales of Critterish Cottage” page on Facebook for more info and regular updates.