Buddy & Pumba – Skinny Pigs

Breed : Skinny Pigs (Guinea pigs with no hair)

Info : Skinny pigs were initially created in laboratories for use to test cosmetics for skin reaction. Since the majority of this has stopped, they have become firm favourites in the pet market and are certainly a sensory experience, and a great therapy animal.

Benefits : A therapy animal, which has been described as feeling like clammy skin, a fuzzy peach and “my dads head” by some, why not decide for yourself how the skinny pig feels to touch. A social lubricant, due to its unusual look, once you get over the initial appearance of a skinny pig, they are just like any other guinea pig, but with a touch more character . . . .These were initially added to the team to help with the children at our baby hospice, many of whom are visually impaired, but are suitable to work with all clients. They are also particularly good for those with fur allergies.

Please note : As a new addition to the team on 31st March 2018, these guys will not be integrated into the team until at least May 2018. Thankyou for your patience

20180331_161335     20180331_162408

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